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Inside the dynamic and cosmopolitan capital of scotland- Tokyo, japan, japan, you can find something for every kind of traveler. You'll find temples and shrines for people seeking an even more zen experience, shops full of diverse Japanese styles for your fashion-minded, numerous cuisine selections for the foodies, and many more.

Due to a lot of activities to pick from, the simplest approach to expose you to ultimately Tokyo, japan, japan is through its top sights. Get yourself a glimpse to the past within the Imperial Palace, see where your sushi arises from at Tsukiji Fish Market, and go through it all within the observation decks at Tokyo, japan, japan SKYTREE and Tokyo, japan, japan Tower.

Below, we've made our picks for your top sights in Tokyo, japan, japan. These sights each supply you with a different perspective round the city, which list is a good starting point if you're planning for any visit.

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Top Tokyo, japan, japan Sights

Asakusa Temple

Asakusa Temple

The Asakusa Temple gives you a modern day-day think about the history and culture of Japan.



Harajuku can be a part of Tokyo, japan, japan recognized for its wild styles, plus Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park, as well as the Ometasando and Takeshita-dori shopping streets.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

The Tsukiji Fish Companies are the greatest wholesale fish market in the world, and is considered the most broadly used locations in Tokyo, japan, japan.

Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

Filled with gardens, ancient stone bridges and museums, the Tokyo, japan, japan Imperial Palace can be a beautiful, historic, and important cultural landmark in Japan.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge was colored all white-colored-colored to help it better match the Tokyo, japan, japan skyline. During the day, solar sections round the bridge collect and store energy to power numerous colorful lights that turn on after sunset.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya's famous crossing

Recognized for its busy streets, flashing lights, and neon advertisements, Shibuya is really a well-loved shopping district and entertainment center in Tokyo, japan, japan.

Sumida River

Sumida River

Running 8 miles across the city, the Sumida River is a good spot to have a cruise or boat tour. Sinking bridges, viewing the Tokyo, japan, japan Tower, and passing Shinto shrines a couple of from the sights that you'll see while riding round the Sumida River.

Sumo Tournament in Tokyo

Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, japan, japan

Each Sumo tournament lasts 15 days, as well as the matches begin with amateurs and finished with advanced sumo wrestlers. Competitions are held only six occasions yearly, when you get the chance to visit one, don't miss it!


Tokyo, japan, japan SKYTREE

A broadcasting tower that houses a coffee shop or restaurant, a cafe and a pair of observation decks, Tokyo, japan, japan SKYTREE towers within the city inside a height of two,080 foot (634 meters).

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo, japan, japan Tower

At 1,092 foot (333 meters) tall, Tokyo, japan, japan Tower is certainly a remarkable Japanese landmark that gives 360-degree sights in the city. Where you can a aquarium, two observation decks, a Shinto shrine, a wax museum, as well as the famous Ft-Town, Tokyo, japan, japan Tower is a good center to help keep things interesting.

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