[VIDEO] Swimming with Sharks at Barrier World Ocean Park

Among Barrier World Ocean Park's coolest locations in St Thomas, The U . s . States Virgin Islands, Barrier World Ocean Park is really a effective method to understand the marine existence you are, after-all, encircled by. Together with wonderful exhibits, including the Underwater Observatory Tower, somewhere sunny and warm Reef Encounter, the Marine Gardens as well as the Touch pool, where you are equipped to handle starfish and pet sea cucumbers, but possibly most likely probably the most exciting feature could be the 30-minute spectacular Swimming with Sharks at Barrier World Ocean Park.

Only for $50, you'll be able to dive to the water using one of the ocean's most profound creatures - the shark. Hop looking for 30 minutes while using US Virgin Islands?? youthful shark population for just about any most thrilling adventure, understanding one of the ocean's toughest predators. Along with your booking, you will be arrived at the park's Shark Shallows and provided by having an orientation where understand exactly how close you're going to get with such regal creatures.

Your shark frolic in the water ticket includes general admittance towards the Ocean Park, where along with the great benefits listed before, furthermore, you'll access your pet Corner, to get close to exotic animals for instance iguanas and tortoises. There's furthermore an amazing nature trail available additionally to beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets inside the Lorikeet Garden.

Tickets for your shark frolic in the water are available throughout the year and is done anytime through the park's operating hrs, you will want yet another kick out of your vacation and book today.

- Travel Team

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