[VIDEO] Tower located in london and Thames River Sightseeing

Step aboard the spacious River Liner outdoors the homes of Parliament (Westminster Pier) and relax since the sights and sweetness located in london unfold round every bend from the journey round the Tower located in london and Thames River Sightseeing Cruise. Weave your path past the London Eye turning progressively and majestically, the Royal Festival Hall, the Tate Modern as well as the Globe, where you can England's best-known bard, William Shakespeare. Watch since the waterfront fills with monuments to London's historic past: the Savoy Hotel, Cleopatra's Needle, the Oxo Building and Billingsgate Market with St.Paul's Cathedral dominating the skyline. Glide past HMS Belfast before disembarking before Tower Bridge, most likely probably the most legendary of London's landmarks.

Enter the Tower located in london, where you can the Crown Jewels and savour its dark and mysterious past. Wander using the Bloody Tower where the two youthful Princes disappeared in 1483, apparently wiped out by their uncle, Richard III the torture chambers where Guy Fawkes, architect in the Gunpowder Plot, and also the co-conspirators were uncovered for the infamous rack. Join the Yeoman Warders (Beefeaters) and stay with the path past the Traitors Gate using the White-colored-colored Tower for the execution bloc where poor Anne Boleyn and lady Jane Grey lost their heads. Visit the armoury, the menagerie as well as the jewel house and uncover a history of one of the bastions of england where William the Conqueror, Richard the Lionheart, Henry III and Edward Ist ruled supreme.

If you're lucky you might start to see the famous black ravens or even the ghost in the headless Anne Boleyn or one of the other visitors who've been shipped towards the tower.

- Graham Master

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